What do children do when they come to the Early Education Program?

They learn that they are an individual who can do things on their own and with others. They learn they are able to communicate their needs and they learn to play.

Early Learning 1 – Uniting Church Kindergarten

The Kindergarten is an energetic and stimulating environment. We adapt many activities to suit the needs of the children. At times, the Kindergarten may be too stimulating and we may need to go to a quieter space so that the child can feel more relaxed and thus able to learn.


Early Learning 2

Oh, the fun of being a child. The excitement on little faces as a discovery is made. The smile when a toy makes a very loud or unexpected noise. The peaceful look when a fish swims past as a child looks into the aquarium. The joy on a child’s face when taking first steps across the room. Individual programs are the essence of the Early Learning Program. Each day, activities change to challenge little fingers, whole body movements and to develop communication and curiosity about the world. Well being emotionally and physically is at the forefront of the program.



Collaboration in Early Learning: Explorative Play Programearlyeducation12

Each year, each sub-school collaborates with school staff and therapists in an activity that meets the objectives and requirements of each child’s needs and teaches skills based on hands-on experience.  Below are some examples of the collaboration activities undertaken by Early Learning Students.

All students in the sub school begin the day with various art and play activities set up throughout the Early Years building. Students are able to move between activities and engage with students in other classes. This also provides opportunity for staff to attend to particular interests and learning needs throughout the sub school.