DET Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy

DET Privacy Policy

PPSS – Child Safe _Staff Induction to safeguard young people policy Jan 2021

PPSS – Child Safe VIT AND WWC Procedure Policy Feb 2021

PPSS – Child Safety Responding and Reporting Policy and Procedures Feb 2021

PPSS – Communication of School Policies & Schedule- Policy 2019

PPSS – Parent Payments Policy to Council Jan 2021 doc

PPSS 2019 Investment Policy_Updated

PPSS AAC Parent Info

PPSS Accident Incident Notification

PPSS Administration of Medication – Policy

PPSS Anaphylaxis – Policy 2021

PPSS Asthma – Policy

PPSS Attendance – Policy

PPSS Behaviour Management Policy

PPSS Bullying Prevention – Policy – Feb 2021

PPSS Care Arrangements for Ill students policy Feb 2021

PPSS Child Protection Reporting Policy

PPSS Child Safe Environment Policy Standard 2 2021

PPSS Child Safe Recruitment Policy 2021

PPSS Child Safe Standard 2-PPSS 2021 Statement of Commitment

PPSS Child Safe Standard 3 Code of Conduct May 2021

PPSS Child Safety Practicum.Induction.checklist

PPSS Complaints Policy

PPSS Critical Incident Plan Policy Feb 2021

PPSS DET Occupational Health and Safety Policy

PPSS Duty of Care – Policy Feb 2021

PPSS Excursion and Camps Feb 2021

PPSS First Aid policy and procedures

PPSS Fundraising – Policy

PPSS Health Care Needs – Policy

PPSS Inclusion and Diversity – Policy

PPSS Insurance – Policy

PPSS Internet Use (ICT Acceptable Use) policy and procedures for Endorsement

PPSS Mobile Phones – Policy

PPSS Personal Property – Policy Students

PPSS Petty cash – Policy

PPSS Photographing, Filming and Recording Students Policy

PPSS Refund Policy

PPSS Staff Wellbeing Policy for Endorsement

PPSS Statement of Values and School Philosophy – Policy -Feb 2021

PPSS Student Enrolment Policy (for specialist school)

PPSS Student Wellbeing and Engagement – Policy Feb 2021

PPSS VCAL Policy and Procedures

PPSS Visitors in Schools Policy Feb 2021

PPSS Volunteers – Policy

PPSS Yard Duty and Supervision Policy – Parents and Students

Procurement Policy for Victorian Government Schools

School Management PCO Absence (2021)

Yard Duty and Supervision Policy – PPSS School – Policy Update – Feb 2021

Parent payments – Early Learning – 2022

Parent payments – School Age – 2022