Well, our 8th Great Vic Bike Ride finished yesterday in Bendigo and just shy of $10,000 raised for Port Phillip Specialist School. That is amazingly good and I would personally like to thanks everyone for their support in helping raise money to build our new Lifeskills Kitchen. The kitchen is for the disabled children as they learn the role of the kitchen in family life and build life and vocational skills for the time when they eventually leave the school. I know it will be fantastic! Happy to accept last minute donations too! Just click here https://give.everydayhero.com/au/chris-117

I would particularly like to thank David Gearing (shown as always in front of me in this photo), followed by Nick Alp, Aileen Alp, Louise Rait, Peter and Sarah Gearing. Not in the photo is photographer and my longest ever mate Perry (we met when we were three) who has unwittingly provided his great photo! Louise’s mum and dad Jane and Julian also joined us for three days.

So, a bit sun burnt and a little sore today but very pleased with our efforts. Well done team (“Perry and the Alpine Gears”)! Chris